Tangle Angel Cherub Detangling Brush

Tangle Angel Cherub Detangling Brush

The Tangle Cherub Hair Brush boasts stunning design and amazing performance to gently work out knots and tangles in the hair to leave locks silky smooth and soft. Created with specially developed antibacterial additives embedded in the plastic to ensure optimum hygiene, this brush is perfect for children. The contoured base works to retain bristle height for a sturdy performance, and the innovative anti-static properties keep the hair frizz-free and sleek. The brush stands at 15cm high, meanining it’s perfect for carrying in your handbag!

Price: R260
Availability: retailbox.co.za


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  1. I get frequent headaches to the point where even brushing my hair hurts sometimes and this brush untangles my hair so easily and effortless, no more struggles for me. A few strokes and im good to go with no headaches. wet or dry hair

  2. If you struggle with knots and tangles, you’ll love this latest hair brush to hit the SA shores. The cleverly placed bristles brush tangles out quickly and easily, and leave your 100% smooth and silky. My specialised tangle brush at home doesn’t have a handle, and I find that this one sits comfortably in my hand, and makes brushing a lot easier (especially as it offers a strong grip). I like that there are a lot of different ones to choose from, and this pink version looks beautiful on my dresser. I think it would make a beautiful gift!

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