The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask

The Body Shop Ionic Clay Mask

A deep-cleansing mask treatment with algae extracts and combined natural ionic clay action to draw impurities from the pores and absorb excess oil. Enriched with minerals to condition and revitalise the skin.

Price: R145
Size: 100ml
Availability: The Body Shop stores nationwide


What we say:
Once a week I like to set aside time to treat my skin to a deep cleanse with one of my favourite face masks. In the last year or so I have been on the hunt for the perfect face mask, so I have tried several different with the hopes that they could meet all my “face mask requirements.”

While in Europe I found a face mask I had wanted to try since hearing about it and as luck would have it, it is as close to perfect as a face mask can get! Alas, I am unable to purchase it locally, so my search continues.

Recently I have been hearing a bit of chatter about the new Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask so I decided to give it a go. My skin is going through a rather oily phase, so I figured this mask would be perfect for drawing out any impurities and controlling sebum.

It should also be known that it is the first clay mask that I have tried; boy, was I in for a surprise! I applied the clay mask to my face and set a timer for ten minutes as suggested on the bottle.  After a few minutes I could feel the mask drying and as it dried my skin started to feel really tight. Nonetheless I left the mask on for the full ten minutes before removing it. Once removed my skin felt extremely clean and almost plumped up. It was however still slightly tight, but after toning and applying a moisturiser the tightness subsided.

The mask promises to draw impurities from the pores and it definitely did that! The morning after applying the facemask I had a few blemishes on my chin, but thankfully they disappeared soon after. I’m not sure if the blemishes were a reaction to the facemask or if it was just working it’s magic.

I will definitely use it again. If you suffer from oily skin and you are in the market for a new face mask this one is a good contender.
– Emily, BSA Social Media & Community Manager


7 Responses

  1. Such a lover of this clay mask. I really only use it over my cheeks and nose area where I feel I have enlarged pores. It goes on pretty well and almost immediately after applying, I can feel it starting to work. Would recommend this to anyone.

  2. The Body Shop’s Clay and Seaweed mask is my latest beauty find and, oh, how glorious it is. I’ve heard of lots of people that go for clay or bud masks/baths to enhance the longevity and beauty of their skin.

    Having a puppy who loves to give beeeeg sloppy kisses is great for the soul but it’s taxing on the skin. It especially leaves me (from time to time) with the odd break out or two. Which is how my skin was feeling when I went out looking for a detoxing mask.

    So as it is my usual beauty regime, I steamed my face and gently exfoliated, then slathered on some clay and seaweed mask onto my clean visage.

    It started to dry quickly and within 10 minutes my skin was feeling tight as the clay dried up altogether. I could feel the algae extracts and the clay doing its thing.

    What’s next? Wash off the clay and moisturise as usual.

    I have dry skin on a good day, so I slathered on some hydrated moisturiser because a detox or clay mask will draw out all the toxins and excess oil with it. The last thing you want is a toxin free DRY face.

    This mask left my skin feeling softer, brighter and healthier. I felt the difference over the next week and other people saw it too.

    The result:

    – Smaller pores

    – Softer skin

    – Brighter complexion

  3. I have slightly sensitive skin that tends to get slightly oily on my T-zone and when I get breakouts it tends to be on my cheeks. I’ve recently included The Body Shop Ionic Mask into my skin routine and using it once a week and I have to say, I’ve enjoyed it.

    The mask comes in a small tub- this is one of the few things I don’t like so much about it as I’m always concerned about the hygiene of dipping my fingers in once a week. The mask has a muddy, natural smell to it but nothing over-whelming. When you apply the mask it goes on dark and over a few minutes it dries and hardens on your face. After washing it off after a few minutes your skin feels fresh and deep cleaned.

    After trial and error and I learnt that certain parts of my face were slightly sensitive to this product, for example my upper cheeks would get slightly red and tingly after. I have just avoided those spots when applying since then. The hardening sensation takes some getting used to but it’s really not an unpleasant feeling, in fact for some reason I always feel like a mask is working better if it goes hard.

    I have to admit that I’m not entirely sure whether this mask has been helping with my occasional outbreaks or not. My skin goes through phases and I can’t say that they’re linked to this product, what I can say, however, it that my skin feels refreshed and thoroughly cleansed after my weekly use.

  4. This mask is great for combination skin, it doesn’t dry out the skin yet it seems to have a drying effect on oily parts of the skin.

    I exfoliate before using the mask to get the maximum effect. I love how the mask dries a different colour and goes hard on your skin (some people may find this uncomfortable).

    After using the mask I found my skin to be smoother. I haven’t been able to see any visible improvements of blemishes as a result of the mask but it definitely doesn’t make them worse.

  5. When I used this mask, I did notice the skin around my T-zone was smoother to the touch but that was about it. I put the container in the fridge so it is cool on my face when I apply it and it keeps longer. My sister has used this mask and adores it. I have seen an improvement in her skin tone and texture. She has oily skin and this mask makes her skin so soft and does not dry it out at all.

  6. I’ve always loved clay masks and The Body Shop never disappoints so I’m excited to try this!

  7. Ever since I can remember I had trouble with my skin. My skin is very oily and prone to blackheads (trust me it’s a daily battle). If you struggle with breakouts or blackheads, THIS is the mask for you. My skin feel so soft and my pores are visibly smaller. And the pot lasts you a reeeeeally long time. I purchased mine in Feb, and I’ve only used about 1/4 of the pot (I apply the mask once a week). You need to try this product, you will not be sorry :)

    PS: For even better results, I exfoliate before I apply the mask.

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