The Tan Lab Innovative Self Tan For Medium Skin

The Tan Lab Innovative Self Tan For Medium Skin

With its subtle exotic fragrance and endless moisture, this tanning lotion is easy to apply and glides over the skin effortlessly. With micro-algae extracts, rich in anti-oxidants your skin is protected from free radicals. It’s subtle exfoliating properties leave your smooth and nourished. A translucent hint of natural brown will ensure ease of application every time, without staining the hands and skin.

Price: R240

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One Response

  1. The key ingredient in this self-tanner is Erythrulose, which takes a full 24 hours to develop. Your tan develops in two phases, so even though you don’t see an immediate change when applying it, you will it in the next 8-12 hours. This is your base colour. Both phases need to develop for your tan to reach its full intensity. The most amazing part of it all is that even after showering, the second phase of your tan continues to develop, so you can carry on with life while your tan does the rest!

    I started by taking a nice shower and exfoliating my skin with the handy gloves provided, making sure that any dead skin was removed and my skin was smooth and clean to apply the tan on. Not only does this sunless tanner work like a normal lotion that you rub into your skin, but it also smells amazing. It absorbed into my skin quite quickly and I was able to go about my day as normal after applying it. Try not to apply too many layers on top of each other, as it tends to create flaky bits. It might seem that you don’t look tanned enough after you applied it, but your tan will develop over the next 8 hours. Be patient.
    I really love how it gave me a gorgeous sun-kissed look that lasted for about a week before it started to lightly fade (no flaking off). Another major benefit is that it did not dry out my skin as many other products have done in the past.
    I give it two thumbs up. ☺

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