Thomas Sabo Charm Kiss

Thomas Sabo Charm Kiss

Charm Kiss is dedicated especially to the most sensual aspects of the Charm Club – love & passion! It’s all about flirting, falling in love, the sensation of butterflies in your stomach and the eternal question of what the perfect kiss tastes like.

Initially, it was all about the perfect kiss. And what it tastes like: sweetly-sensual, tingling, heavenly! Sweetly-sensual like a ripe strawberry. Tingling and exciting like a cool glass of champagne and heavenly like dark, melt-in-your-mouth bitter-sweet chocolate. Just delicious!

The result is a delicious fragrance creation that is perfect for women and young girls in equal measure. Women, because Charm Kiss gives them that feeling of falling in love every day and being coquettish and seductive – and girls, because it fills them with a sensual aura and makes them dream of their first ever kiss.

Price: R795
Size: 50ml
Availability: Leading department stores.


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  1. Thomas Sabo Charm Kiss is such a pretty floral-fruity perfume thanks to the strawberry, raspberry, plum and jasmine notes. I also get a hint of chocolate. Lovers of sweet scents will adore Charm Kiss. This fragrance is ideal for day wear during summer and autumn. Sillage is good. Longevity is great.

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