Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturizing Spray

Toni&Guy Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Create texture and body with light hold. Suitable for all hair types and perfect for achieving a lived-in, beach look. Spray evenly from root to tip, on towel-dried or dry hair and work through to create tousled waves with natural movement.

Price: R199.99

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What we say:
For years I’ve seen magazines promoting sea salt sprays, but I’ve only recently tried out one for myself. I never quite got the meaning of them, until I saw an image of Blake Lively with the most beautiful wavy curls… And I knew I had to emulate her look.

My hair curls easily if I plait it, so one evening after my shampoo and blow dry, I plaited it neatly before going to bed. The next morning, I undid the plait and let the waves fall across my shoulders. I immediately got my Toni&Guy Sea Salt Spray out and gave my hair a few spritzes all over. The smell was lovely – it was slightly salty and reminded me of December beach holidays. And in addition, my locks remained perfectly wavy all day long. It was only by home-time (roundabout 5pm) that I could tell my hair was weighing down and was getting straighter. I was very impressed with the hold.

My only criticism is the stickiness of the product. It left a very sticky texture when I sprayed it, and that remained for quite a while before it dried and made my hair slightly harder, similar to the way hairspray does. Other than that, it smelt lovely and held my tousled waves in place beautifully.
– Anien


3 Responses

  1. Love this to create the “fresh off the beach” wavy locks look without causing frizz. Perfect for summer days!

  2. I bought this product back when the packaging was silver metallic and pink (possibly six years ago). It is such a beautiful bottle, with so many promises! I was leaving the UK and at the time Toni & Guy had not hit the SA shelves yet, so I bought two bottles. I still have one bottle, completely unused at the bottom of my cupboard.
    It is completely ineffective against frizz and even the tiniest bit results in a sticky mess. Ironically, I find that this product is most effective to use before swimming in a pool. The stickiness is not as annoying and when your hair dries it gives a slightly tousled look. The bottle I bought looks like a standard aerosol spray, but it is actually a pump action spray bottle, which makes it a little more difficult to evenly distribute the product through the hair. The best way to use it is to pump some into your palm, add a little bit of water, then distribute it evenly through your hair. If you are expecting beautiful beach waves however, you are in for a sticky, messy disappointment. I must say that like all Toni & Guy products – it smells amazing!

  3. I absolutely love this product and I am using it already to get into the groove of summer. It is light and does not cause build-up, an absolute must for summer.

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