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Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion

A breakthrough in moisturising technology, delivering superior moisture across all three of the skin’s surface layers, Vaseline’s patented Stratys-3TM complex ensures that the new lotions infuse and suspend moisture at the skin’s top, core and deep down surface layers for unprecedented hydration and an unmatched silky feel.

The stratum corneum is our skin’s protective barrier and is made up of multiple layers – the top, the core and deep down. Some body lotions simply moisturise the skin’s surface, leaving it feeling heavy and sticky. Others quickly sink deep down, leaving the top needing more moisturisation. For skin to be at its healthiest and look and feel its best, it needs moisture to be suspended through all its layers. Vaseline Total Moisture is the only lotion that can infuse and suspend moisture into each layer of the stratum corneum.


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  1. I love vaseline creams as it really works for dry skin, keeping it soft and plump

  2. This is my favorite lotion. It smells great, it absorbs into the skin quickly and it doesn’t leave me feeling like my skin is dry mid-day

  3. One can never go wrong with any vaseline product, i love the coco butter one, i use it often, keeps my skin shiny, soft and moisturized. The scent to it is very strong which lasts all day too.

  4. One of the best budget-friendly body lotions. You can’t go wrong with this, it absorbs easily and provides excellent moisture without any overpowering fragrance. Ive been using this forever and will not change.

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