Moroccanoil Treatment Oil

A conditioning, styling and finishing tool, Moroccanoil Treatment will instantly absorb into the hair to help create luminous shine and luxurious, silky perfection, transforming hair with dramatic results. Featuring a proprietary blend of powerful ingredients, including Moroccanoil’s signature argan oil, this advanced treatment fortifies hair, improves elasticity and shields against harmful environmental stressors. Providing the perfect foundation for hair styling, Moroccanoil Treatment instantly brings relief to damaged hair, leaving it shiny and healthy from root to tip.

What we say:
‘Score one for the good (limp-haired) guys: I was given a bottle of Moroccanoil Light For Fine or Light-colored Hair (apparently, blondes have more porous hair – which is why it goes green with too much pool chlorine, so they get lumped in with us baby-fine chaps). According to the marketing peeps, it is a “unique, ultralight formula … that instantly absorbs into hair to … enhance manageability, shine … without leaving residue”. As usual, I tried it out on the weekend, because despite everyone’s attempts to convince me otherwise, I was still deeply sceptical. The oil sinks into your hair instantly and it’s like it was never there except for the fact that your hair is smooth and your knots have all magically untangled themselves. And, just as they said there would be, there was an added bounce to my hair! How odd! I now only require a quarter of a bottle of mousse and a fifth of hairspray to make my feeble locks look slightly bouncy and more full. Impressed.’

‘There are so many hair products on the market today, each offering a different purpose and use – many of which, I think, don’t do what they say they will. But that is not the case with Moroccanoil. Shine and control all in one. After drying my hair off, a dollop of Moroccanoil is all I need to smooth through my hair. It leaves it feeling as soft as butter, with zero frizz. And my hair doesn’t look oily at all, as it gets absorbed into my hair follicles straight away. I have seen a difference in my hair in just two weeks.’

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39 Responses

  1. This is one of the best products to come onto the market! I even use it on my face during the winter!

  2. After searching for this product for almost half a year I found it in a high end salon. It reduces the time for drying my hair which is great considering how long and thick my hair is. It did make my hair more manageable but I don’t see such a huge difference in my hair. I suppose it’s because my hair was already in a very good condition. This would be great for individuals with dry untamed hair.

  3. I have been using this for over a month and I love it! It makes your soft,silky and smelling great!

  4. My hairdresser recommended this oil for my hair and besides the price, I am so glad I bought it!!!!!!!

  5. Now i am so encouraged to buy it i love the scent but has always been a bit sceptical to buy it for my hair.

  6. Anything with Moroccan Argan oil I will try. I have never tried it on my hair though. I’ve used organic argan oil as an eye serum. Works magic! Loved it. So this I will definitely give a go.

  7. After so many people raved about this product i flew to my local salon and bought a bottle. I have got to say that i was not over-joyed with it but I have quite fine hair that is dead straight and maybe i was using too much product?!?! My Mom on the other hand loves this product, her hair is thick and also dryer and high lighted so if that’s the kind of hair you have you might enjoy this as well.

  8. I was initially put off by the strong sweet scent but now I have grown to really enjoy it. As for what it does to my hair: nothing short of shiny and soft hair that also doesn’t tangle as much.

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