Inglot Under Make-Up Base

Prime your skin for make-up application with Inglot’s Under Make-Up Base.


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  1. This under make-up base is great! I’m not huge on primers and if I’m in a hurry I’ll admit it’s the first part of my beauty routine to go.
    After trying the Inglot base it’s now my have to have product for long days where I really need my make-up to last and still look fresh after work.
    It applied smoothly with a silky almost silicon feeling to it and it soaks right into the skin. I have also found that if I use my fingers to apply the product that I do not need to use much to cover my whole face.
    It is quite pricey for the size but worth a try if you are in the market for a new primer.

  2. I started wearing this in November last year, when it started to get really hot and my skin tends to get shiny and I have makeup that goes into my laugh lines. This primer/base stopped that. I have ZERO shine and my makeup stays put all day! I love the smooth texture of my skin after application and how easily my foundation glides on.

  3. I am guilty of walking past Inglot. This primer is the best I have tried. It mattified my face, and smoothed my uneven, blemished skin. What I totally loved, was how it took a budget foundation to a pro-long wear, “I’ve just been air-brushed” state.

  4. I must say I’m rather curious to try this primer… I’ve only recently found out about the benefits of a primer, but to actually get one that is “worth it” is the tricky part. I’ve recently purchased my first Inglot product – the most amazing shimmer red lipstick, and I am sooooo impressed. So maybe I will opt for their primer as well.

  5. I’ve never actually used a make-up base/primer on my entire face. I do have an uneven skin texture due to acne scars, and it makes me self-conscious so I never wear my hair up even when I am wearing BB cream or foundation. I’d love to minimize the look of these scars, and I think this under make-up base could be just the product to use. I always hear people saying the foundation is only as good as the primer underneath. I think I’ll feel the difference on those long hot summer days. This is going on my list of make-up must-haves! Thanks for the great review, beauties! Love you all!

  6. I was really impressed with the product knowledge of the sales assistant at Inglot Edgars Greenacres Shopping Centre, Port Elizabeth re the Inglot products. In particular this primer which is supposed to be a wonder product as its silica based and literally fills in all the tiny uneven skin sections of your face to create a blank canvas for the foundation or in my case, BB cream with a high SPF. I’m definitely going to try it out when my current primer is finished. It has a wonderful light texture which is perfect for my mature combination skin and is very well priced compared to other primers.

  7. I absolutely love this primer. The texture is incredible and makes applying foundation and concealer an absolute dream. Once you discover the benefits of a great primer, it makes the biggest difference to the appearance and longevity of your makeup.
    It will last longer than you think and will be your savior in winter when struggling with flaky skin.

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