SOiL Uplifting Soy Wax Candle

This candle, with a lead free wick, is long and clean burning, making it a better alternative for you and the environment. Soy wax is also a renewable resource and is biodegradable and water-soluble. Please note that due to the high essential oil content (6%) of the soy wax candles, they are not meant to be used as massage/moisturising candles.


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  1. Why are certain South African products so expensive? I fully understand European and American imported products being expensive because of the hideous exchange rate but R220 for a locally product? Come on; what happened to “local is lekka”?

  2. Who would have thought. Sounds like an interesting product, but it is a bit pricey for a candle.

  3. I love candles. This one sounds amazing and will set a nice relaxing ambiance.

  4. My man and I spend money if it contributes to our well being and quality time. We invest in such things and we love candles., I’m sure Eskom would be happy to hear that. They just set the mood right and are worth every cent. I love this article, thank you so much.

  5. What a pity that they are not meant to be used as massage/moisturizing candles. Love the concept though.

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