Heliocare Urban SPF30 Silk Gel

Designed to provide high level UVA protection for the day-to-day urban lower risk situations and is also suitable for spot prone skin where its added anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory ingredient can provide additional help.

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5 Responses

  1. I was very fortunate to work in a Laser Clinic for a couple of years and Heliocare was one of the many products that we stocked. Firstly I just LOVE the smell of the product, it is something you really don’t expect but a very nice surprise. It is also prescribed by doctors and dermatologists which means it can only be an excellent SPF.

    Upon Application it does not make you skin white like some sunscreens do and has a lovely silky texture. I used mine just before my moisturiser and it didn’t make my skin feel oily at all! It really is the best type of protection you can use for your skin, the best SPF in my books!

  2. This product was recommended to me by a dermatologist a few years ago. The packaging size is convenient. The fragrance is fresh, and the product is absorbed instantly, leaving your complexion matt and fresh, without any white streaks. I would highly recommend this product.

  3. Hi Alexa. One of the main ingredients in Heliocare suncare products is Fernblock. Fernblock® contains a powerful combination of natural anti-oxidants, including ferulic, caffeic and chlorogenic acids, which help eliminate free radicals produced by sun exposure responsible for aging, hyperpigmentation and DNA damage.

  4. A sunscreen in a gel formula? That sounds like something I’d love to try. Just wish there was an ingredients list.

  5. I just LOVE HelioCare sunscreen products. Ever since I got introduced to them over a year ago by a skin professional, I have just been enjoying the benefits of these products. I would certainly recommend any of them to anybody. Just make sure to get the right HelioCare product for your skin type. AMAZING!!

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