Sh’Zen Vanilla Cashmere Bath Crystals

Vanilla and Sandalwood together produce an indulgent bathing experience that relaxes and revives both body and soul.

What we say:
The bath crystals smell beautiful, adding to the relaxation of the bath after a hard day’s work. The product’s packaging is big and could last a substantial amount of time. It’s easy to open and can be used by any skin type to promote a warm and relaxing experience in the bath. A definite destress not only to my body but mind too. Loved using the bath salts!
– Candice

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2 Responses

  1. This contains vanilla and sandalwood and I buy this every time it goes on special. It helps me diffuse and puts me in a calmer refreshed frame of mind. These pink crystals are deeply aromatic and will leave your bathroom smelling like a spa. Watch for specials and make sure you buy more than one. Add on the bath and shower gel and the cocooning body cream and you got a spa experience right in your own home.

  2. The scent of these bath crystals is absolutely dreamy. It is a very strong vanilla and ginger scent which I really love. As soon as these bath crystals are poured into hot water, the scent mixes with the hot steam and fills the bathroom with a relaxing and sweet smelling scent. After bathing the scent does linger on skin, but very lightly.

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