Sh’Zen Vanilla Cashmere Cleansing Gel

This hydrating body wash blends soothing Vanilla with energising Ginger for a bathing experience that will relax and revive the senses.

What we say:
Vanilla has always been one of my favourite scents. As a child, my parents often filled the house with wafts of this gorgeous fragrance, and we were never short of vanilla sticks and scented candles. I find that many vanilla-scented beauty products are a bit too sweet though, and so I tend to shy away from this popular fragrance.

What I liked about this body wash is that it didn’t have that sickly sweet scent I’ve become familiar with. It is subtly scented, yet still leaves a lovely vanilla smell on your skin after you step out the shower (plus it has a hint of ginger too!).

It works up a beautiful lather and feels silky soft against your skin. In fact, it left my skin feeling a lot softer than usual and was particularly nice on the colder winter days (I’m usually left with dry skin after my hot morning shower).

I applied my Sh’Zen Vanilla Cashmere Cocooning Body Cream a few minutes after and absolutely loved how silky my skin felt. I’d definitely use this product again and would recommend it to anyone who loves the smell of essential oils and natural ingredients.
– Anien

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4 Responses

  1. This is a product you cannot leave out of the shower. The aroma is just too good too be true. Place a few drops on your exfoliating Sh’zen sponge and you wash your body. Your body will be different once you get out the shower.

  2. This body wash is the best body wash you can get your hands on, it’s infused with ginger and vanilla, for a bathing experience that will relax and revive the senses. The Vanilla helps to relieve anxiety and soothes the skin, while the warming Ginger helps boost circulation and ease muscular aches and pains. Also in the mix are sensuous and nourishing Rose, refreshing and toning Bergamot, grounding and healing Patchouli, and mood-boosting Geranium. A few drops of this cleansing gel on a sponge can leave skin feeling so much more relaxed and feeling smooth and silky.

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