Givenchy Very Irresistible for Men

Launched by the design house of Givenchy, Very Irresistible for Men is a mixture of natural mint leaf, grapefruit zest, hazel wood, and Virginia cedar.


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  1. It’s a terrific fragrance for men a bit old because this fragrance has been on the market for a few years, i think a bit outdated but the smell is really so different from all the other fragrance that’s available, love the green bottle and the shape think it’s very masculine really like it.

  2. I got this fragrance a few years ago as a gift, i really like the triangular bottle and the packaging is very classy, i only wear this fragrance at night i personally think the smell is a bit heavy for daytime, but have to say it’s a very nice fragrance for men.

  3. The bottle reminds me of a raw unpolished emerald, it’s very stylish bottle and the colour is really something, the fragrance in my opinion is very unusual and interesting, very different from other fragrances for men, i would say this is a fragrance to wear only for special occasions, the perfect gift to get your hubby or male friend the smell is so divine, and the packaging is a very stylish metalic green and black box, will recommend this fragrance always.

  4. Just for the record :
    Givenchy is pronounced with a French “J” sound, a soft “jz” made with the tip of the tongue, almost like saying “shh”.
    So it’s “jzhiv-on-shee”,since the French “e” makes a long “o” sound, and the “ch” is a “sh” sound. Givenchy.

    The first thing I thought of when I tried this fragrance was that it was a masculine version of Angel by Thierry Mugler. (one of my girlfriend’s favourites)

    Chocolate is really dominant in Very Irrestible for Men. It’s like a
    gourmand fragrance for men, which is often hard to come by. They do say that bacon is a man’s favourite smell, so why don’t they produce more foody-smelling scents for men?
    I actually quite like chocolate. In this fragrance it is rich and
    syrupy. Almost dark in a sense.
    The hazelnut and mint only add to its deliciousness, however the grapefruit in the opening gives this fragrance a bit of a zesty and fruity feel.

    The colour of the bottle tends to confuse me into thinking that I can
    smell a greeness in this fragrance, however when I sniff more closely I contradict that thought.

    The woodsy drydown with the now softened chocolate note is something to die for. I can safely define this fragrance as being very sexy. The lasting power is good, however it could be better.
    But despite all of that, I think that Very Irresistible is a very irrestible buy. An all-time favourite !!!!

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