Vinolia Luxury Hand Wash in Angel Lily


The brand better known for elegantly scented luxury bar soaps, Vinolia, has extended its range to include a hand wash and hand cream. Available in both the Angel Lily and French Lavender scents, this hand wash is enriched with vitamin E to protect and nourish the skin. Use along with the Vinolia Luxury Hand Creme in Angel Lily for best results.

Price: R38.99


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  1. Vinolia luxury hand wash in Angel Lily leaves hands squeaky clean, moisturized and fabulously scented. The green gel has a beautiful, soft, freshly-cut lily fragrance. VLHW is very luxurious and you definitely get what you pay for.

  2. The germaphobe in me much prefers a hand wash that claims to kill 99.9% of all bacteria. However, quite predictably those products leave me with dry, tight skin on my hands and inevitably painful hangnails.
    Thinking about it, this product would be more caring towards my hands – I gave it a try. Even though the formula looks creamy, it isn’t moisturizing at all. My hands were as dry and tight as they were previously (Luckily, I also purchased the hand cream).
    The bottle is also quite flimsily designed. The pump especially seemed quite flimsy and the bottle kept toppling over every time I tried to use it. This meant that even the product design was redundant as I landed up transferring the contents to my glass dispenser instead.
    One upside: the delicate fragrance of this product makes washing your hands a lot more pleasant than when I use the disinfectant hand wash. But you can get that fragrance from the cream instead. My recommendation: find a good creamy hand wash that disinfects and if you love the fragrance, get the hand cream.

  3. It’s affordable and sounds like a great product to use. I’m familiar with their brand soaps and I am never been disappointed.

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