Vinolia Sandalwood Hand Wash

Vinolia Sandalwood Hand Wash

South African produced soap and hand wash brand Vinolia has answered the call from its consumers to provide another product in the popular fragrance, Sandalwood.

Sandalwood is perhaps best known as a warm, rich and woody scent used in a variety of cosmetics, no least of which is the popular Vinolia soap bar. The new Vinolia Sandalwood Hand wash is enriched with glycerine and Vitamin E to ensure a soft and silky skin texture after use.

Price: R34.99
Size: 290ml
Availability: All major retail outlets

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One Response

  1. Vinolia Sandalwood hand wash is a magnificent product that leaves hands super clean and smelling woody-beautiful. The non-drying gel formula helps with moisture retention in the skin. This hand wash is oh so luxurious.

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