Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash

Neutrogena’s Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash uses MicroClear technology to help the active ingredients break through the oil that blocks your pores and boost lots of spot-busting salicylic acid deep inside of them.

What we say:
‘Aside from being a super clever cleanser; it’s also a serious sensory treat thanks to its fresh, uplifting pink grapefruit scent.’
Leigh van den Berg


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  1. This product keeps me feeling fresh faced throughout the day, and not only that but it also smells great. My skin seems to have improved in terms of less acne and less oiliness. Just one squeeze of the bottle is enough per wash. The bottle is good in that it has a pump feature, rather than a screw on lid. This makes washing even simpler and easier to do.

  2. Smells so clean and fresh! I’ve always loved Neutrogena products, and this doesn’t disappoint. Removes excess oiliness, and my zits stay at bay. Adore.

  3. I’ve previously tried numerous face washes to help eliminate my spots and blackheads with no result. I initially bought the product because it looked really nice and smelt really nice as well… who doesn’t love a bit of pink!

    The first time I used it, it foamed quite well on my skin and left it feeling fresh and not dry. It even seemed to get rid of the make-up that I didn’t get off with my make-up remover wipes.

    After having used this face-wash for about two weeks now, I can really see a difference! I have less blackheads and I haven’t had a breakout. My skin is also a lot softer!

    It is gentle on your skin, has a lovely fragrance and really delivers on what it promises!

    Another 5 star product! It also helps to use this product in conjunction with others in the same visibly clear line!

  4. Super fresh and fruity, amazing when you’re having break outs. Great range.

  5. This is my daily cleanser. I have oily skin and this product has helped so much.

  6. I used the cleanser after my sister bought it for herself. I must admit the colour really appealed to me! However after using the cleanser, I have to say that it is amazing! My face felt so clean without feeling dry. It also visibly reduced the shine that I am so used to getting during midday. Really great product that wont break the bank!

  7. I have been looking for this and the three shops I have been to did not have it.

  8. I have used and use their products in between others and for the price they are sold for, I actually cannot think of better products. Their oil-free moisturizer is also great!

  9. Neutrogena is a great product, so I am not surprised it works wonders. I will try it. I also love the colour, it is very attractive and the price is not too bad.

  10. If I could choose 1 make up cleanser I could take with me, it would have to be a Neutrogena Product. And this one does not stray away from the legacy! I love the sweet scent of the cleanser. It does leave my skin a bit tight after use, but after I apply moisturiser, it is right as rain again :)

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