Bourjois Volume Glamour MAX Definition

This 500-bristle brush with ultra-fine and supple bristles coat every single lash for maximum volume. Bourjois’ Volume Glamour MAX Definition has a special brush tip that contains lash micro-captors to reach even the smallest of lashes. Its formula is enriched with volume-boosting agents and black pearl extract for fully coated intense black, luminous lashes that for up to 16 hours. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, its formula contains natural wax.

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5 Responses

  1. This Mascara is easy to use and gives the best results. The formula does not clump and the large brush allows you to get maximum volume as it separates each lash. No need for falsies with this mascara!

  2. I am not a fan of the rubber mascara wands, in my opinion they add no real value to the product and I have been disappointed every time by them

  3. I was rather puzzled by the wand. It is long and rather big in size then has lots of very short rubber bristles that I personally did not really like. Because they are so short I find it difficult to get them to grip each lash. The formula also seems to gather in certain areas on the wand and that means that you battle to get an even coating of the formula onto each lash. The ends of my lashes seemed to catch onto those clumps of formula and I had to remove the excess from my lashes with a tissue. That being said though, once you get use to the wand you are able to achieve a beautifully defined look with 1 coat, when I apply a second coat there is a bit of clumping that occurs. The lashes can easily be separated with a dry wand afterwards.

  4. I have not tried this before, but loving the tube, how adorable! I am always on the look out for a great mascara!

  5. Away with spider like eyelashes, this is a little treasure, the formula is nice, it doesn’t flake, lenghthens the lashes and gives it a nice amount of volume (tip) add a few more coats if u want maximum volume, worth every sent i call it my little make-up investment, try it for amazing lashes.

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