Yardley Stayfast Foundation

Yardley Stayfast Foundation

Non-transferable formulation is long wearing and gives medium to heavy coverage:

•             Lasts up to 24 hours and won’t smudge off on clothes.
•             It has a high protection of SPF 20+
•             Contains moisturising Amino Acids and active ingredients that mimic the natural moisturising factors of the skin to help hydrate and moisturise your skin.
•             For oily and combination skins.
•             High cover – hides imperfections and dark circles.

Price: R119.94
Size: 30ml
Availability: Leading retailers and selected pharmacies.

10 Responses

  1. I am blessed with quite a lot of freckles, but trying to cover up these freckles is definitely not a blessing! Especially if you are working with a budget of R200…I have tried and tested almost every product on the market in this price range and have found that Yardley Stayfast foundation is definitely the best and most affordable full cover foundation!

    What i like about this product:
    1) It has a really creamy consistency, which works great with my desert dry skin.It doesn’t leave my skin feeling or looking flakey at all.
    2) It offers great coverage
    3) It is very affordable
    4) It lasts me up to two months (which is really long for me!)

    What i don’t like about this product:
    1) It has an extremely thick consistency (which I personally like) but most of my smoother skinned friends dislike. It can easily give you a cakey makeup look.
    2) If you have oily skin i won’t recommend this product. It works amazing with dry skin, but can leave your skin looking a bit oily if it oxidizes. (nothing powder can’t fix tho!)

    Overall this is a great product for women with dry skin, women that like full coverage and women who work within a budget.

  2. I had been searching for an affordable foundation that provides full, even and lasting coverage for ages until I came across the Yardley Stayfast Liquid Foundation. With a wide variety of shades, its easy to find which shade suits your skin tone perfectly. The caramel fudge is the shade I selected and it covered all of my acne scars and blemishes as well as active breakouts! The creamy liquid is lightweight and easy to apply.

    Using your fingers to spread the product more evenly, a foundation brush or beauty blender, the formulation is easy to apply and blend out for a perfectly even base that allows you to build up the product to full coverage if needed. Affordable price and great value for money, I would recommend this product to anyone looking for that flawless application without the high end price tag. It lasts all day long yet doesnt cake or smother the skin. Great value for money.

  3. I have used this before and I like the quick dry and matt look of this foundation. It last for the full day and does not smear off on clothing.

  4. I had been dying to try out this product as a friend who had recently switched to this product said it was good value for money, especially for the times you want some make-up on, but don’t want to waste your best “go to product”. I went to my nearest Dischem and picked myself up a tube of this “must try product”. I was pleasantly surprised by the range of colours and managed to find the one for me.

    The next day, I was eager to try it out, as what is a better feeling the opening a new purchase. I squeezed the tube and a lovely creamy liquid was revealed. I was happy with the texture of the product, it was creamy but not too thick, but also not too thin that it would make me feel “naked”. THIS WAS A GOOD SIGN. For this application I used my fingers, it spread in well, however, I did need to apply a small second coat. However, there was a slight downfall from applying this product with my hands, the product wasn’t easy to rinse off the hands (which I thought could be a good sign, as surely this means it would STICK, my ultimate goal) and it took a few pumps of soap and warm water to come off.

    Unfortunately a few hours later I realised my dream had not come true, and I was left disappointed, and still in need of finding the product which would last. Within a few hours of wear, my product had faded. It was however still there in some areas, especially under the eyes and on the nose, but the texture had changed, forming into a cakey looking appearance. I can’t describe the appearance but my nose almost looked flaky. You could still kind of see the product on the face, however, it looked worn out and not as smooth as before.

    I didn’t let this experience get the best of me, and the next day I tried the product again, using an application brush instead. The end product was the same (smooth finish), however, yet again a few hours later, the same effect.

    I feel that maybe this product would suit those with younger looking skin, as maybe due to being in my 30’s, the product didn’t sit the same.

  5. i rated this product with four stars because i genuinely like this product however, i got maybe 2 hours of wear out of it before needing to reapply. Having said this though it applies nicely and really doesn’t make my face feel thick and gross.

  6. If you struggle with hyperpigmentation like myself, then you know exactly what i mean when i say its a never ending battle trying to find a foundation that gives you great coverage, lasts long and SUITS YOUR SKIN PERFECTLY. i usually resort to mixing a few shades, layering them thick and crossing my fingers hoping it doesn’t ware off before the end of the day. Not only is this method long but its COSTLY!

    Well not anymore … Yardley Stayfast Foundation is a lightweight formular(lighter than the ones i used to use) covers up gorgeously, leaves you with a matt finish & there’s no need to apply layers of product
    When finished up with Yardley Stayfast Pressed Powder the results are Flawless!

    So lets talk damages … what is a great product like this going to cost you ? R200? R300? talk about not breaking the bank if you purchase your Yardley Stayfast Foundation at Dischem it will only cost you R120

    Overall a great buy

  7. I have been using this foundation for a while. It is great to cover up acne scars and unsightly dark spots. It’s creamy and lasts all day.

  8. This foundation is great I can last the whole day with it, cover up my dark circles and oily skin I love it.

  9. Not my cup of tea, I find that this foundation has a drying effect. If you really really really want to go for the matte look then try this foundation. I used it about five times with the hope’s that I would grow to like it but nooooo. It dried me out and I looked grey. What also made it worse is that I could not find a shade that matched my skin tone, so I had to try two different shades to get to a shade that matched my skin tone. Too much effort for me. Can’t say I would try it again.

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