I don’t self tan often, but when i do i use the Caribbean Tan Tanning Spritzer Instant Tan. I usually by the B medium complexion spritzer, because it gives my skin a natural and subtle brown color which i LOVE.

This spritzer comes with a nice mutton glove that you can use to apply the product easily and efficiently. The application of this product takes a bit of time and i have to ask for help when i ave to apply it to my back. (take note i am not a skilled self-tanner, so if you are then this wouldn’t be a problem)

The self tanner doesn’t have leave the greatest smell when it starts to settle in, but what self tanner does ?

Lastly the only negative thing experience i had with this product is the way it settles into my pores. My pores darken, which leaves it looking like i have blackheads over my chest area and sometimes on my back. This is the only reason i don’t use this product as often, because it takes a while to get my pores clean again after application.

Overall this is a great self tanning product and i will and have recommended this to friends and family before..