This is the first Clarins product I’ve used on my skin and I’m very pleased with the outcome! It comes in a cute little 30ml glass bottle, which is a very strong glass and this makes it way better for us all, just in case any accidents happen.

I also love the fact that when you squirt out foundation, it allows the perfect amount to come out which covered my face, just had to use a little more for my forehead area. It’s extremely light and smooth on the face, it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing any foundation at all! It dries to a matte finish, which I experienced for the first time as my other foundations are creme based, and sort of make my face look oily when I compare it to this foundation.

I love how it makes you feel as if you have nothing on, it covered up the marks that I had without having to conceal first. I could honestly say it would work wonders with any skin type, although if you suffer from oily skin, this foundation is definitely a must for you!

It had lasted a whole day on my skin without having to touch up in between or appearing as if half your foundation is off.

I recommend this product to everyone! And I would definitely buy this product again after using it.