These luxurious, fine-tuned formulas work in symphony as part of our revolutionary Skin Illuminating System to even skin tone and help skin reflect a brighter look. Advanced skin brighteners provide both instant effects and long term benefits with continued use, to reflect visibly smoother, even toned, more luminous skin.

I definitely loved the product. It went on like silk and left no oily residue behind. It made my skin feel amazing and while I loved it so much, I doubt I will use it again. It’s too costly for my tiny pocket.

I saw a markable difference in the appearance of my skin and small zit scars are almost gone now.

I liked that the product comes in once of capsules because then I know exactly how much to use. It takes the guess work out of how much or how little which helps since most of never know how much is too much.

The smell is also amazing and I never feel uncomfortable after its gone on because it disappears into my skin.

A great product indeed…now will someone give me more? =)