I am a fussy guy and I don’t like anything that’s complicated, and that goes for my skincare as well. So when BeautySouthAfrica selected me as one of the lucky testers, I was over the moon as I needed a skin solution, and I needed one fast! Being in my forties is great, but the fine lines and pigmentation that’s formed around my chin area is not appealing at all. Living in Durban with its humidity means that I steer clear of any moisturizer that’s too heavy. The fact that I have sensitive skin also makes me weary of trying out heavy fragrance products. The first time I tried Clarins Men Refreshing Gel was a heavenly experience indeed. I used this refreshing gel after shaving, and I really appreciated the fact that my skin felt soothed and calm. I had no burning sensation whatsoever! The texture of the gel was spot on and provided me with a burst of hydration. Even though I have combination skin, I find that my cheek area can feel a little dry later in the day, thanks to the aircon in my office . With this awesome light-as-air moisturizer, my skin still felt and looked hydrated, which is a bonus! My skin also feels much tighter and the fine lines on my forehead area are softened. Could this be the one? I can honestly say, yes! Everything about the product is spot on. I love the handy pump bottle, which is ideal for travel. I love the masculine look of the bottle and I love that this product delivers exceptional results. Overall, this product is a sure winner in my eyes and I will be recommending this to my friends! Thank you BeautySouthAfrica!