I love the feel and smell of it. It keeps your skin soft and supple and lasts the whole day through. I enjoy moisturising once a day and i dont really have to worry about my skin drying up. The smell is so refreshing. I catch myself smellling my hand throughout the day and enjoying the wonderful aroma. Not to keen on the other to due to the fragrance.

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  1. I absolutely love the Vaseline Coco Butter. I was on roaccutane recently and I had very dry skin. So using Vaseline lotion actually helped moisturise my skin and keep it hydrated for long periods.

  2. I am currently using the Vaseline Total moisture (yellow bottle). It is great as I have no more dry skin patches after I shower. It smooths on great, absorbs quickly, but it doesn’t have any fragrance. I really like the cocoa butter lotion. It has a nice smell and is good, especially in winter when I use it.

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