I was super excited to try this on, I squeezed the tube slightly and a small amount came out, you don’t actually need a lot of the product because a little goes a long way with it. As much as the tube applicator is for applying the balm, I find it easier to use my fingers and apply it properly to my lips. At first when I squeezed out a little of the product I thought it was a bit too thick because it had a petroleum jelly kind of look in a peachy colour. However once I applied it I allowed my worry to fade away. This product left me speechless. The exact same afternoon I could feel a difference to my cracked and chapped lips. I was so impressed. Although the product has a slightly strange smell, I grew on the smell because I could live with it for the major improvement it did to my lips of course. I noticed that when this product isn’t on my lips I feel absolutely naked. The balm is perfect to use over lipstick as a gloss for extra lip protection on the go. I’ve been using this product over my lip stick and gives an amazing gloss, plus it makes my lipstick last longer. So a sheer shine and super soft and sexy lips, can you say no? It’s been exactly two weeks that I’ve been using the product and wow! My lips have transformed like magic.

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