First of all, I LOVE the packaging of this lip tint- it’s cute and vibrant!

I had previously bought the regular lip balm in the Baby Lips range which prompted me to buy this one- because it was that good!

Cherry Me Baby Lips smells great and feels velvety on your lips. My only problem is that when I need to apply a lip balm it’s because my lips feel dry and chapped. I made the mistake of lathering this lip balm all over and around my mouth to soothe the dryness. It did the trick of relieving the dryness but when I happened to look in the mirror a while later, I saw a clown mouth looking back at me!

It tints one’s lips beautifully but be careful to not apply it to liberally AROUND your lips, as I did!

Great lip tint but i’d recommend, if your lips feel dry, to first apply the regular Baby Lips and then to put this luscious lip tint on.