I have been very unfortunate with most eyeliners: no matter what I do I always land up with raccoon eyes within a few hours.
I love the smudged look as opposed to a hard line (which you would usually get with liquid liners), so I am always on the hunt for a product that can give me a softer look while staying put for longer.
The Stila Smudge Stick works better than most. It smudges beautifully but limits the raccoon eyes. After 3 hours of wear, the product only drifted underneath my eyes (a little bit) and in the corners of my eyes – this is a huge improvement to my usual experience which is product everywhere within an hour.
The product is super-soft upon application and I have to be very careful when using it. The first time I used it – I lined my upper lids and found, when I opened my eyes, that the product had spread under my eye too! Luckily, the smudge formula came to the rescue – and I the result was a beautifully smudged eye.
The packaging is very playful, with stars decorating the pencil. However, the twist function does not work very well – it requires quite a number of twists for new product and one twist too many and you may have trouble as the pencil does not retract. The biggest downside to this product, however, is the price. Sadly, nothing about this product justified the R200+ price tag.