Lets start with the positives!
I adore the packaging of these pots, they are small and compact. I love that the colour of the pots are inspired by the colour of the blush product inside. The little mirror inside is a nice touch but in no way functional just because it’s so tiny. The brush… I personally didn’t use.

The product itself comes in the most beautiful shades, I own two of the 12 shades in the line. It smells quite “perfumey” so if you know this is a characteristic you do not enjoy in make-up this may not be for you.

When using these blushers for the first time they worked pretty well, soft and subtle in colour as they are not hectically pigmented. This i think would be quite nice for those who enjoy a very natural day-to-day look.

The next time I reached for them experienced “hard pan”, I would swirl and swirl my brush and none of the colour would transfer. Ever since then I have been wiping the top of the product with a tissue which then seems to reactivate the product. Due to this I have not been reaching for them as often as I would like.

In my opinion these are quite pricey for a blusher that doesn’t perform 100% every time.