Let me start off by saying that I have been an Avon glimmerstick user for the most part of my life and never really paid attention to other products on the market that does the same. (Very ignorant of me I know)

So obviously I did not expect much from this product until I started using it. Here are my findings:

1. Application is very smooth, even smoother than other eye pencils on the market.
2. It is retractable. I always prefer a pencil to be retractable as it is just more convenient.
3. Colour payoff is amazing. One swipe on the inside of my eye and there is a clear pigmented line.
4. The colour stays put. This point is the most important to me as with other pencils usually halfway through the day my eyeliner sits in the corners of my eyes and that looks sloppy causing me to check my makeup more often. This product sits where it has been applied, meaning my makeup looks nice and tidy throughout the day.

Will I finish this product till the end? Yes
Will I repurchase it again? Yes, I think my love affair with the Glimmersticks are over for now.

Thank you Beauty South Africa for sending this to me to test. I enjoy using this product.