I was absolutely lucky enough to get one of these from the lovely ladies at Catrice. I think this is one of the most convenient products I’ve ever come across and they also help keep our skin looking amazing for longer. These mattifying oil control papers are always in my handbag so I always have that perfect matte complexion.

These mattifying paper come in a cute purple compact which is made out of hard plastic so it’s much more sturdy than any other mattifying paper compact I’ve seen. The inside of the compact also holds the mattifying paper with sections so you can only pull out on sheet of paper per a time. I find this convenient because if you’re rushing, you still don’t waste.

The actual mattifying sheet may look quite small, but the mattifying sheets are actually folded, therefore it’s double the size of the compact, you’ll never notice until you try one out. Therefore it’s big enough to make all areas on your face shine free. Within seconds this amazing mattifying oil control tissues absorb all the oil for a shine free and matte finish which lasts long. The mattifying paper doesn’t leave skin dry or irritated.

I find this mattifying paper perfect for setting make up, removing oil or just making sure you have a matte look after applying moisturiser. This compact is perfect to stay in your handbag because it’s small and discreet, it’s also slim enough to fit in your pocket.

I would really recommend you give these Mattifying Oil Control Tissues a try, they have 50 sheets per compact and have a very reasonable price. I absolutely love these oil control sheets, and I promise I’m not just saying that because the compact is a royal purple shade!