Sold for around R70.00-R90.00 (I paid R75.00 at takealot without delivery)
Comes in a white flat tube with a nozzle
Contains 30ml of liquid
Vegan Product

I was surprised at how small the bottle was but it was my first time purchasing primer and it is really cheap compared to other primers. I squeezed some of the white primer onto my fingers and applied it to my face focusing on my cheeks where my pores are larger. The formula was very light on my skin so I didnt think it would work but after applying foundation I realized my pores did seem slightly smaller. It didnt make my skin look poreless and perfect but did seem smoother. The Con was even though I have dry skin it made my foundation looked greasy towards the end of the day.

Results- Affordable, doubles as moisturizer, slightly minimizes the appearance of pores, does NOT eliminate shine. NOT groundbreaking or a must have but does a decent job for the price I paid.