Hi to MARGSC. This is my review on the Clarin HydrQench cream-gel. You seem to like the product alot, but on what basis? What is in the product that makes you like it alot? You say you find it a bit rich. That would be because the product contains ESSENTIAL OILS FROM THE KATAFRAY BARK. This is quite rich in essence and also has some good properties to give the skin. BUT IT REALLY IS NOT ENOUGH.T he skin needs more when getting older to keep skin firm and counteract those lines. This kind of skin regime starts from young already- so it should have more in like hyaluronic acid. It is not enough for someone just to like smell or texture- it MUST WORK for you, otherwise you could buy a few pots of a local cream which has same in and save. If you do have combination skin, use this cream less on that oily panel, and do not apply near eye area either.