So the last step in my fight against cellulite would be the Healing Earth Define and Sculpt Corrective Cream.

With out fail I applied this product every single day for the past 3 weeks, like it states on the bottle, with upwards sweeps starting at my feet. I didn’t find this product to be so luxurious like the other products in the range but it’s because I think this product means business. The body polish and body and bath oil are pampering products where as this Corrective Cream is the final step to improve cellulite.

I found the cream to be a thin type lotion with that same heavenly coffee/orange smell like the other 2 products. I also like that the bottle has a pump, its easier to control how much product you want. Even though it doesn’t feel like it could do a good moisturising job, it does! The lotion also absorbs very quickly.

So my final verdict is, after 3 weeks of usage I am very happy to report that I am able to see a difference in my skin, it looks healthier thanks to all the massaging and exfoliation and much smoother than before, even cellulite is reduced, not massively but I see a change, and this only in 3 weeks! Imagine the type of results you can get over a longer period.

I really thoroughly enjoyed this whole experience with Healing Earth, yes you need to put some work in to see results with all the scrubbing and rubbing but this has been a very enjoyable experience for me thanks to all the pampering products! I highly recommend this range for pampering purposes and of course to treat cellulite :)

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