I’ve been natural for over 4 years now, big chop and everything. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Auntie Jackie’s range but since my hair despises coconut oil and most natural products contains it, I was sceptical. A few months ago I decided to take the plunge and bought it at Clicks as a 3 for 2 special. I invested in the flaxseed gel, Curl la la and a conditioner. I was most excited for Curl la la as my bestie uses it and absolutely loved it.

After wash day was completed, usually a few hours of deep conditioning, detangling the works… I apply curl la la to my hair before doing twists. Upon first application, my hair loved it! It felt smooth and soft and smelled amazing! When my hair eventually dried, the twistout was very defined but not moisturised at all. My hair was really dry and felt brittle to the touch, a feeling every natural dreads. I haven’t used it again after that on my own hair but tried it on my colleagues hair and she loved it. I’ve decided to use it on my wash-and-go in future but would have to wait for Summer. I’ve spoken to some ladies and surprisingly quite a few had similar results to mine but their hair also detests coconut oil so that might be the problem right there. Overall I do feel Auntie Jackie’s is a good brand and value for money as I absolutely love the flaxseed gel and a little really goes a long way.