As with other hair lotions, the Dr. Miracle’s Daily Moisturising Lotion is a thick creamy consistency.
It does not have a strong smell, but has a subtle fresh scent to it.

The instructions state you should apply a small amount, but the very dry state of my hair tempted me to put pour about a tablespoon sized amount onto my hand.

When applying it straight onto my scalp, there was immediate relief and cooling.
it’s as if my dry scalp had received a good watering.
It was instantly moisturised and my hair was not left out.
My hair was instantly soft and much easier to comb.

Unfortunately for me, applying a moisturising lotion daily is not ideal because it “wets” my hair, meaning it loses its silky straightness. I only use the moisturising lotion after washing my hair and before blow drying it.

Overall, the Dr. Miracle’s Daily Moisturising Lotion is a great product that injects life into dull, dry and brittle hair.