This product is a great substitute for the Dream Matte Mousse at just a fraction of the price. It offers a medium coverage and is very easy and smooth to apply. I personally cannot pick a scent up on this product, I am not sure if it is supposed to be scented. The colour range available should accommodate for most. There is no external packaging for this product, it is purchased in the tub you see above and the label is printed on clear plastic (which sometimes peels off as you use it). The lid used to be a light blue with the older essence range but they have since revamped it to reflect a colour close to the contents.

I do have to mention the negatives though, this product does not photograph well (especially with a camera flash). In pictures, it is easy to spot where you have applied this product because of the flashback. Also I’m on my third tub of this now and it was a little difficult for me to completely finish the other 2 tubs, because of the shape of the bottle, to scrape the last bit out of the edges is a bit of a mission.