Whenever trying to figure out someone’s ages people immediately look at the skin. There will always be that one lady who’s skin is so perfect one would assume she is thirty-five until one sees her thirty-five year old son approaching her! It is for that reason, as well as multiple other (medicinal reasons) why one should list taking care of their skin as a number one priority.

Unfortunately for us, the South African sun is hot and dry! I think that combination makes this a difficult job to keep skin looking and feeling fresh. It’s no wonder that when one goes to the coast our skin rewards us with a shine otherwise nonexistent in Gauteng.

One of the things I am complimented for time and time again is my skin (which I usually just attribute to good genes) but I know for a fact that it has been due to the help of Nivea Q10 plus Firming Body Lotion. I apply this cream without fail every night and morning after I shower. It’s odorless, making it ideal for someone like me who cannot handle the over-empowering nature of a lot of scented products. When a R100 product overpowers my R700 fragrance, that’s my cue to chuck it!

A further definite pro is how light it feels on the skin. Lets face it, these months are hot! No one wants to smear on a thick coat of cream only to sweat it out a few minutes later. This cream will keep you hydrated throughout the day, is close to odourless and light on the skin- you can’t go wrong there. Overall, I swear by this product and name it a personal favourite!