Firstly I have to say the packaging is simply genius – an airless jar. I love this scrub as it is fine and non-abrasive. It is a bit different, and better, than any other product I have ever used. When applied and gently massage into skin you can feel little grains that exfoliate then it starts to thicken up into a mask. When it settles you can feel bubbling sensation on your skin where the oxygen bubbles up and start to pop. An awesome feeling! Once it’s all absorbed you can rinse your face. This product is quite complex, but if you leave the technicality side, it is pure enjoyment. This is definitely an all-in-one treat that helps restore your skin’s natural beauty. After using the product my skin immediately looks rested, glowing, supple and much brighter. I definitely recommend this product to every women wanting the absolutely best in face care.