I was once told that a person’s chest area can give away their age. How true as I have seen many women lose the age game when it comes to sagging breasts. This is a tragedy as we all are prone to this southward migration at some stage in our lives. Alas, the only way to recify this problem is through surgery and we all are aware of the risks. That was until Clarins bust gel was introduced to the world. I can guarantee that if you had to massage some of this tingly gel( the Clarins way of course) , you will keep your assets firm for many years to come. This was my staple coupled with tissue oil during and after my pregnancy and touch wood, these breasts are still firm! Yes, this product might seem a tad expensive but in the long run, your assets will be protected. And if you get a special person to do the massage, thats even better!

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  1. After my pregnancy I have been looking for a product to firm up my breasts. I will give this product a try & hopefully it works for me! I want to get a good firm bust again!

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