I often use Kiss lashes and decided to try this one out, because I do end up breaking many pairs of my false lashes, thus diminishing the re-usability factor. The first thing to make clear about this product is that these are no China-Mall lashes. It uses Remy hair, which is the realest false lashes I’ve seen (I realize the contradiction in that sentence). The I-Envy pair is very dramatic, thick and long so they do not look all that natural. However, they are natural in the sense that they are spaced and measured realistically (I’ve worn lashes that criss-cross, ones with sparkly bands, ones with unbelievable long inner corner lashes, etc.). These lashes are shaped such that they are easy to apply. The dramatic effect does leave me feeling like a member of Geordie Shore (remember they used to wear multiple bands of lashes?), but it is simply gorgeous. My eyes become the focus of my face and I have received many compliments for these. The case it comes in also sort of encourages re-usability as well, you can wash them and store them in a hygienic environment.