Since being new to this fad, I don’t have anything to compare this too, but I will take a shot. I got this BB Cream for R70, so it was not THAT expensive. I tried this BB Cream for a few days, and I was not impressed. If it claims to be a foundation, why is it not covering) my face like a normal foundation? So I packed it far, far away. But on came summer, university started again, and I had very little time to do makeup, and out came my little BB Cream bottle (after I did some research on BB Creams).
Long story short, after just a day of using it, I was in love with this little ‘miracle lotion’ of mine. It moisturized my skin during the day and offered the acceptable amount of coverage for summer. It is quite a thick product, but it glided on smoothly with my little triangle sponges. All I added was a dash of mascara, a brush of blush and a swipe of lipgloss, and I was ready to go.
After about a few hours, my face got a bit oily, but I just took a tissue and dabbed the moisture of, and I was ready to go again, looking fresh and summery.
For a night out, I would use my ‘miracle cream’ as a primer for my makeup, and it really did wonders. My makeup lasted the entire night and looked perfect. I was almost sad to wash my makeup off at the end of the night.
All-in-all, apart from the little oil reisdue at the end of a hot day, I do recommend this product. It’s cheap, and it does it’s job. I will definitely repurchase this product.

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