On receiving the Revlon Photo Ready Primer I felt hopeful that this could be an affordable primer as the primers I have used before have all been quite expensive but definitely worth the price.

The glass container with pump and clear plastic lid looks professional but I think the container is slightly too heavy to carry around in my make-up bag.

One push of the pump gives you way more product than you should be using but other than that the pump works well. The colour is almost-white, very light pink shade (I used 001). The consistency is not what I was expecting (I was expecting a serum which has been my previous experience with primers). This one feels like a mix between cream and gel. The smell put me off a little bit, it had a strange, almost chemical smell which thankfully disappeared after application.

The cream is easy to apply, goes on smoothly and at first felt like it would sink into my skin. Unfortunately this is where my positive experience with this product ends. I tried it both with and without foundation (as suggested on the packaging). When used without make-up it really didn’t make a difference at all, I couldn’t find one benefit of using it. When used under foundation I was even less impressed, my foundation went on streaky, struggled to blend in (which it usually doesn’t) and if anything it made my foundation last for a shorter time than usual.

Unfortunately, I will not be recommending this to anyone as I feel like it didn’t deliver on any of my expectations of a primer.