I didn’t buy this but got a sample size in a small bottle so there was quite a lot. It made my fine hair very oily and weighed it down, so that was a big let down. If like me you have fine limp hair and are looking for something to give you some bounce get the Marc Anthony oil of Morroco argan oil range! I have been using the shampoo and conditioner and treatment oil for a week now and my hair looks amazing. I wish I could put up a picture as words do not do justice. Cost wise it is 99 per product with the shampoo and conditioner being 200ml and the treatment 50ml. However with the shampoo and conditioner you will find that you less than half of what you use with other brands as it is very very thick. And the oil I use one drop for my bum length hair. Ladies you will never regret this purchase.

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