The Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art is for women to enhance the windows to their soul. It is perfect for glamorous eyes. I love that the cream eyeshadow and eye liner are in the same tube. It reminds me of the Revlon Nail Art tubes. The metallic colours are eye-catching and I love the glitter #BlingBling. I absolutely love the cream eyeshadow! The glitter brush was slightly difficult to apply. First, there was only the clear stuff on my eye and none of the actual glitter and I dipped back in again to reapply. However, only after about the 3rd time did I get some actual glitter to line my eyes. It did last me from evening till midnight while I was out celebrating my birthday, however, the glitter smudges easily. I had glitter on my cheeks and fingers. I would repurchase different colours and I already have recommended this product to family and friends.