I am blessed with quite a lot of freckles, but trying to cover up these freckles is definitely not a blessing! Especially if you are working with a budget of R200…I have tried and tested almost every product on the market in this price range and have found that Yardley Stayfast foundation is definitely the best and most affordable full cover foundation!

What i like about this product:
1) It has a really creamy consistency, which works great with my desert dry skin.It doesn’t leave my skin feeling or looking flakey at all.
2) It offers great coverage
3) It is very affordable
4) It lasts me up to two months (which is really long for me!)

What i don’t like about this product:
1) It has an extremely thick consistency (which I personally like) but most of my smoother skinned friends dislike. It can easily give you a cakey makeup look.
2) If you have oily skin i won’t recommend this product. It works amazing with dry skin, but can leave your skin looking a bit oily if it oxidizes. (nothing powder can’t fix tho!)

Overall this is a great product for women with dry skin, women that like full coverage and women who work within a budget.