Mac Heroine is a very cool change to make in your lipstick pile. As can be expected it is true to Mac quality. This colour is definitely loud and dauntless.

It calls for a fearless attitude because your pout will become a lot more apparent. Some cosmetics can blend in and stay quietly in the background. Heroine is not the silent type. It screams look at me! It will attract plenty of attention so be ready to be admired.

This colour is atypical in that you can work it a few different ways. Some colours can be blended into your face and work as a background with the rest of your make-up. This one jumps to the front and so if the colour is not a natural fit for your skin then you can blend it with something else in close proximity to your face. Such as a headband or earnings or even a complementary eye shadow. You may need to play around a bit with some accessories or clothes to find a perfect fit.

Mac Heroine works really well with either very pale, darker olive skin tones as well as darkest skins. If you are somewhere in the centre you may need to work it a different way.

Its a great way to pop some colour into your Summer wardrobe. I dare you to go to a mac counter and to try Heroine. It is such a fun shade. It is almost equivalent to going blonde from being brunette. It is not on my go to list but it is well worth the change.

With a bold colour such as this one you want to have some sort of base of cosmetics to balance the colour. So do try it when you wearing other basic make-up such as perhaps foundation and eyeliner. Alone it can be a bit bright.

Still, I dare you to try it. It is a very different experience.

Love Naturally