First things first, this body scrub smells AMAZING!!!!!! I am totally in love with the smell I just can’t get enough of it and it makes the whole process of combating that pesky cellulite all the more enjoyable. I used this scrub in the shower 3 times a week, even though I applied a lot of elbow grease to really stimulate my blood circulation on my problem areas, the scrub was not harsh at all.

After exfoliation left my skin silky smooth. I also love how moisturising the scrub feels. My skin was also left with a fresh tingling sensation afterwards, I think I can also smell a hint of peppermint in the scrub? All in all I know how important exfoliation is and Ive never been a fan of doing it previously but this scrub has given me the motivation to keep on exfoliating.

I thoroughly enjoyed using this product.

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