After using this product for 1month i have decided to write an review. It smells divine and I loved how evenly it spread on my face. It has a very soft feel to it and it absorbs almost instantly into my skin. It left my skin with a subtle glow which I’m a fan of. It is very sheer, so if you are looking for full coverage this is not for you. I love how this one product primes, mositurises and gives your skin that happy feeling. It is a simple do-it-all product. With an SPF 15, I highly recommend this BB cream. It truly makes my skin look,feel & smell great. After trying several BB creams i can definitely say this is the one for me. Beauty is everything to me,so if that means buying the best that is what i do. so i suggest you buy the best BB cream out there. The Hydra Floral SPF15 BB Cream by Decléor . xx

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