I’m always worried that hair masks and treatments will leave my hair feeling weighed down or oily afterward but the John Frieda® Sheer Blonde ® Conditioning Treatment does the exact opposite! My hair felt so light and fresh! And it really helped get rid of the dryness and split ends caused by colouring and styling. This treatment gives hair that silky soft feeling that it usually has when you leave the salon!
I only needed to use just less than a teaspoon amount of the treatment only mid length down though), twice a week.. so it should last at least 6 months.. which is such good value at only R95!
I have only had time to leave it in for less than 3 minutes before rinsing, but I am keen to see the results when I have the chance to leave it in for the 15 mins (once a week) that the instructions suggest! conditioning treatments are a must for blondes that colour their hair.. and I would highly recommend this one!