If you, like me, suffer from dry lips due to the change of season, and you know how important it is to invest in a moisturising lip balm, then I would suggest that you go ahead and try Lip Ice Natural Infusion lip balm in Honey Cream. It’s the best hydrating lip balm I’ve tried in a long time.

With Shea Butter and Vitamin E, your lips are left soft and supple, and totally kissable. It also has an added SPF, which is great. I love anything that has an SPF because I know how important sun protection is.

My favourite quality about this lip balm though is its soothing fragrance. It smells absolutely divine (and tastes just as divine!). Even after the formula wears off, your lips are left with a sweet scent and taste.

I’m not sure how much this lip balm retails for, but I know that Lip Ice products are always affordable and worth it, so I would gladly recommend it to anyone.