I bought the full size tub after I received samples of it because I loved it so much. You get the best results if you leave the product in longer than 15 minutes. This poses a problem especially if you prefer to treat your hair in shower. I treat my hair with this once a week. I usually just apply the product to my hair and then secure it with a fastener and cover my hair with a shower cap. Then make myself a cup of coffee and read 2 chapters of a book. When I’m done, I know its about time to rinse the product off.
When you rinse out the product, you get a wave of this greatly fragranced treatment. I adore it! While rinsing you can already swear you feel a difference in your hair.
It feels light, yet strong, and while rinsing you don’t have any tangles. After towel drying your comb goes through your hair very easily and after drying and styling, you are left with gorgeous, strong, and hair that seems to be glowing with shine.
Totally worth the price you pay for this tub. I would recommend to anyone who has heat damaged hair to take away the brittleness and frizz from heat styling regularly. Also great for humid conditions.

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